Skill Development

Skill Development aims to make a significant impact on condition of youth by upgrading skills for income generation which may lead to self employment venture. The sequence of activities envisaged under the program is to mobilize youth into viable groups, improve their skills, arrange for support services, provides awareness and education on the key focus areas, etc. The program not only aims at imparting training for upgrading skills to enhance income of beneficiaries but also provides awareness and education on the key focus areas identified as mentioned in Action Plan.
This program provides an opportunity to upgrade their skills for a better living and self esteem. Besides, there is an increasing emphasis on making the young women and men self-reliant and self-employed so that they can establish income generating units for their livelihood. Over the years, Skill Development Program has become one of the most popular program for India. This program is basically intended for up gradation of their skills and empowerment.
To up-grade vocational skills of rural young women and enable them to supplement their family income as well as enhancing their self – esteem in the society.
To empower young women to address issues and concerns confronting their day to day life.
Enable groups of women to take up employment or income generation program of their own.
To help them learn new skills for which there is increasing demand in the market.
Mobilize women in viable groups and make facilities available through training, access to credit, arrangement for productive assets and other inputs.